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Загрузить бесплатно на телефон Wall of insanity

Wall of insanity

Android 5.0+
Not required
1.11 GB
Google Play
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Wall of insanity
Wall of insanity
Wall of insanity
Wall of insanity
Wall of insanity

Atmospheric third-person action shooter

Wall of Insanity - mystical and intense third-person action shooter for Android devices.

New project from the creators of the Slaughter series
A new project has been prepared for you from the creators of the beloved series of games called Slaughter. Wall of Insanity is an action-shooter with elements of a third-person adventure game, in which you will find a rather dark and rich storyline, intense battles and a journey to the other world. Are you ready to face the unknown, visit the realm of anxiety and madness, and also master the almost impassable path through the abyss in Wall of Insanity?

Journey to the underworld
According to the plot of the game, the police operation to detain dangerous sectarians did not go according to plan and led to unexpected consequences. The entire detachment disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and the spetsnaz soldiers who arrived after them find only an empty abandoned house. Next, you will find active battles with the use of firearms, where the outcome of the battle will depend on your reaction and accuracy, and you can also use elements of the environment. Here you will go to the other world, where fear of longing and madness reigns, you will explore ominous locations, discover many secrets, mysteries and dangers of this place. It is also important to collect weapons and other useful items at locations, replenish your arsenal, find secret documents, choose tactics that will help save your life. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Whats new
  • Добавлены новые виды камеры;
  • Исправлена установка игры на Android 12.
Mod description
После запуска игры нажмите на круглую кнопку вверху слева, чтобы открыть мод меню, в котором можно включить бессмертие.

Additional Info

package name:


File author: Opera fan
Total raiting: 8565

How to install (update) Wall of insanity

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  5. Run app
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  1. Download APK.
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  3. If you are updating and you downloaded the previous version of the application from us, then we put it on top of the old version, otherwise operability (data storage) is not guaranteed.
  4. Done.
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