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Sweet House

Sweet House

Arrange a villa with a casual arcade in the genre of three in a row

Version: 1.17.2
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Sweet House
Sweet House
Sweet House
Sweet House
Sweet House
Total raiting: 80278
Sweet House - bright, exciting and very funny casual arcade game three in a row to your android smartphone!

You, along with the main character of the game, will equip her new villa, change the design style in each of the rooms, which, by the way, are many! Solve addictive puzzles, use your logical and intellectual abilities to complete levels. In each room you will find countless puzzles, solve them all and earn valuable bonuses to spend them on creating a new style of your villa. You can now download for Android an excellent arcade three in a row Sweet House and try yourself as a real interior designer.

Here is the classic and well-loved gameplay of the game three in a row, which has some features and additions that can make the time spent playing brighter! Get as many stars as possible for passing the level and buy new decorations, furniture, interior items and more. You have a large selection of characters, friends, as well as maids and butlers, who will help you to embody any of your interior ideas with joy. Suck on logic and ingenuity with interesting riddles, and also have fun with an excellent arcade of Sweet House! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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Whats new
  • "Детская мечта" открыта, приходите и присоединяйтесь к путешествию мечты!
  • Добавить задачу обновления кафе и ждать вас, чтобы закончить!
  • Добавлен 121 уровень, игра вызывает привыкание и нон-стоп
  • Приходите и создайте свой собственный сладкий дом и исследуйте сюжетную линию, полную сюрпризов.
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  • Много денег и звезд
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