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Загрузить на телефон бесплатно Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack

Android 4.1+
Not required
142.62 MB
Google Play
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Swamp Attack
Swamp Attack
Swamp Attack
Swamp Attack
Swamp Attack

Shooting mutated monsters in the swamps of Louisiana

USA, the great state of Louisiana, the wilderness, the swamp (stench and mosquitoes the size of a pony are bundled by default), an old, rotten, squinted house, a verandah, the radio is tuned to your favorite country station, an armchair, in which the protagonist is a classical representative rednekov, in one hand he has a shotgun, in another bottle of beer. The evening promises to be dull to the horror. But for your happiness an unscrupulous corporation, concealed by bribe-takers from the government, threw toxic waste into the water near you. The pernicious influence of bright green matter made of inhabitants of local tops aggressive and spiteful creatures. Which immediately decided to eat all of you together. They have not considered one you are bored and you have a gun. The evening sharply ceases to be languid. In Swamp Attack, the hero has to shoot back from the waves of various opponents, and in periods of calm you should visit the nearest weapons store and buy the trunks more seriously than yours. For defense, build obstacles from improvised materials and throw crowds of dynamite, Molotov cocktails and other explosive objects. Swamp Attack is a fascinating timekiller, whose main character consists of cliches about American villagers. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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File author: Opera fan
Total raiting: 229262

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