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Загрузить бесплатно на телефон Survival Island Ultimate Craft  Simulator

Survival Island Ultimate Craft Simulator

Android 4.1+
53.69 MB
Google Play
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Wildlife simulator

Survival Island: Building and Crafting is an interesting and addictive survival simulator for android devices.

The plot
Your character was traveling on a yacht, but there was an irreparable, unfortunate accident that resulted in the yacht sinking and now you have to grasp the basics of surviving on a desert island alone. Your only friend and assistant will be a pirate parrot who will make the company and even be able to entertain a fascinating story. Together, you have to go through many adventures, fight wild animals, find resources and craft items, all in order to survive.

Wide gaming opportunities an unforgettable adventure
Start with a shelter or even a real home that will help you escape from the dangers and the weather, decorate it and add comfort. Collect useful resources, create the necessary items, weapons, and survive in the wild. Fight with predatory animals, defeat them or make them a dinner. Build a fishing rod or stick with a hook to help you catch useful items, valuables, and resources from the ocean.
Whats new
  • Новый магазин и интерфейс;
  • Добавлены ежедневные задания;
  • Исправлены ошибки.
Mod description
  • Бессмертие;
  • Вы можете утолять голод и жажду без просмотра рекламы;
  • После запуска игры нажмите на круглую кнопку вверху слева, чтобы открыть мод меню с возможностью сделать ботов тупыми.

Additional Info

File author: Opera fan
Total raiting: 3753

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  4. Done.
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