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Загрузить бесплатно на телефон Sclerosis The Dark Descent [unlocked]

Sclerosis The Dark Descent [unlocked]

Android 4.4+
Not required
997.65 MB
Google Play
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Sclerosis The Dark Descent [unlocked]
Sclerosis The Dark Descent [unlocked]
Sclerosis The Dark Descent [unlocked]
Sclerosis The Dark Descent [unlocked]
Sclerosis The Dark Descent [unlocked]

Unofficial port of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Amnesia for android

Sclerosis: The Dark Descent - quality port horror first person adventure for Android devices.

Great fan-made remake
An excellent fan-made remake of an incredibly atmospheric and one of the scariest first-person horror action games. The main role is played by a character named Daniel, who wakes up in the walls of an ancient castle. Daniel does not remember how he ended up in this place and what happened to him, but he clearly feels a chilling feeling of anxiety, it seems that someone is following him and watching him. He also finds a note that was signed by his own name and learns that he himself decided to forget the past in order to get rid of severe mental wounds.

Exploring the atmospheric castle
The main character is trying to figure out what is happening, and for this he goes to explore the gloomy locations of the castle where he can come face to face with its terrifying inhabitants at any moment. And each meeting with a mystical creature threatens the hero with inevitable death. You will find a gameplay worked out to the smallest detail, an intriguing mystical plot, where you can look into the darkest corners of human consciousness, impressive graphics, realistic Physics and fascinating puzzles. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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Mod description
Приобретена делюкс версия игры, которая даёт возможность играть более 20 минут в день.

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File author: Opera fan
Total raiting: 5901

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