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Path of Immortals

Path of Immortals

Adventure action RPG with dynamic battles

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Path of Immortals
Path of Immortals
Path of Immortals
Path of Immortals
Path of Immortals - dynamic action-rpg for Android devices.

Dangerous adventure
Spectacular game project, made in the form of a combination of two popular genres, such like Action and Role Playing Game. Here you can take control of one of the proposed characters: play as a druid, barbarian or archer, and then go towards an unforgettable adventure. You can assemble a balanced team of several characters and go to conquer the game world, fight enemies, destroy deadly enemies and powerful bosses. All battles will take place in automatic mode, it is important for you to pump the characteristics of your heroes in time and prepare for a new confrontation.

Non-stop fights
For victories you can earn in-game currency, which will be useful for purchasing ammunition and equipment for your heroes, better weapons, as well as various bonuses and amplifiers. At any time, you can switch between your heroes in order to make the most of their abilities. So, for example, an archer will be most effective for destroying enemies at a long distance, a druid will help crush other magical characters, and a barbarian is useful in close combat. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
Mod description
После запуска игры нажмите на круглую кнопку вверху слева, чтобы открыть мод меню, в котором можно включить пассивных ботов (они не будут атаковать вас).

Additional Info

package name:


File author: Opera fan
Total raiting: 641

How to install (update) Path of Immortals

    This All-in-1 pack contains the original, mod and cache at the same time and all this is packed into one apk file. Just install the apk file as usual, and the cache will decompress automatically. Then, at the first start, you will be able to independently select the type of game (original or mod). After the first launch, it is impossible to change the type of game. If you have never installed apk files before, then read ext. instructions .
  1. Download APK.
  2. Run the installation using the built-in file manager (usually downloaded files are placed in the "Downloads" folder). To do this, just tap on the apk file once and click "Install" Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources (done once). Additionally read the topic Types of signatures and why they are needed
  3. If you are updating and you downloaded the previous version of the application from us, then we put it on top of the old version, otherwise operability (data storage) is not guaranteed.
  4. Done.
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