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Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune

Interactive quest in a fairy world

Version: 1.2
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Little Misfortune
Little Misfortune
Little Misfortune
Little Misfortune
Little Misfortune
Total raiting: 946
Little Misfortune - touching interactive story for android devices.

The most incredible challenges
The main role is played by a small, creative girl who wants to get hold of as a reward of eternal happiness and give it to your beloved mother. Together with her new friend, Mr. Voice, the girl goes to the dark forest to find what she so dreams of getting and to discover incredible secrets and mysteries along the way. This game will reveal good and bad from new perspectives, show that there is no true evil and good.

Various locations and unforgettable adventures
Explore the most incredible locations, such as a fairy forest, a pet cemetery, meet cute animals that are frightening at first glance, but are they really bad? Make friends with the kraken, stroke the wolf, meet the missing children, encounter the monster, commit the necessary violations for the good and expand your horizons. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Additional Info

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File author: Alien Shooter

How to install (update) Little Misfortune

    This apk contains a built-in cache. Just install the apk file, and the cache will decompress automatically. Please note that such an installation lasts longer than usual and requires more free internal memory and some free RAM. After the first unpacking, enable "Installation from unknown sources", this is necessary for the correct installation of the game. During the first unpacking, the installer may give an error due to lack of RAM. In this case, run the installation again. If you have never installed apk files before, then read ext. instructions.
  1. Download APK.
  2. Run the installation using the built-in file manager (usually downloaded files are placed in the "Download" folder). To do this, just tap on the apk file once and click "Install" Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources (done once). Additionally read the topic Types of signatures and why they are needed
  3. If you are updating and you downloaded the previous version of the application from us, then we put it on top of the old version, otherwise operability (data storage) is not guaranteed.
  4. Done.
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