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Загрузить бесплатно на телефон Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG

Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG

Android 5.0+
111.35 MB
Google Play
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Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG
Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG
Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG
Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG
Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG

Exploring pixelated locations in a roguelike with turn-based combat

Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG – stylish adventure RPG for Android devices.

Story campaign
In the new adventure role-playing game for Android you have to explore a huge world, taking part in turn-based battles. It is necessary to think over cunning tactics and apply them in battles, collect loot, find rare artifacts and improve the characteristics of a brave character. In addition to endless wanderings, you need to build and develop a small settlement. An incredibly exciting adventure awaits you, filled with story missions, a huge set of class characters and exciting battles.

Open world
The game world does not stand still, it develops, new creatures appear, interesting quests and lost artifacts. You can download a free role-playing game for android and become part of the fantasy community. Completing tasks and taking part in turn-based battles will bring your hero fame, level up and unlock new territories. You can team up with friends and work together to complete difficult quests, go down to the dungeons and arrange fights in the arenas. The player himself determines the character's future class, chooses equipment, upgrades skills and explores vast lands in search of valuable resources. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Additional Info

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File author: shaman
Total raiting: 380

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