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Derby Forever Online Wreck Cars Festival

Derby Forever Online Wreck Cars Festival

Spectacular battles on armored vehicles

Version: 1.43
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Derby Forever Online Wreck Cars Festival
Derby Forever Online Wreck Cars Festival
Derby Forever Online Wreck Cars Festival
Derby Forever Online Wreck Cars Festival
Derby Forever Online Festival of Destruction - extreme action race for Android devices.

Battle in huge arenas
In this game you will find yourself in the epicenter of extreme battles on powerful cars. At the very beginning of the game, all participants will take places around the arena and, as soon as the countdown ends, everyone will instantly go to the epicenter of the battles. So, it is important for you to identify the vulnerable spots of opponents, accelerate to maximum speed and ram them. You also have to be constantly on the lookout, as each of the opponents can strike you a crushing blow at any second.

The last survivor wins
According to the rules of the game, the last participant who will be alive will win. This game can offer you detailed 3D graphics and spectacular visual effects, realistic physics of car damage, a wide selection of powerful cars and more than 14 arenas with different environments and conditions. Each arena is filled with certain items and buildings, thanks to which you can develop special tactical maneuvers and use them to your advantage. Here you can customize the look of your car, add formidable body kits to it, repaint it and even install huge wheels. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.
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How to install (update) Derby Forever Online Wreck Cars Festival

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