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Загрузить бесплатно на телефон Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]

Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]

Android 7+
3.41 GB
Google Play
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Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]
Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]
Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]
Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]
Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]

Multiplayer survival action with a horror atmosphere

Dead by Daylight - action- horror for survival for android devices.

Multiplayer action
Incredibly popular multiplayer action now on Android devices! Try yourself in exciting 4 on 1 battles, where you have to take part in terrifying survival games, experience fear and non-stop action on yourself.

The rules of the game are incredibly simple, at one of the locations you will play for one of the parties: the survivors or the hunter. The first to combine team efforts and confront the enemy in order to survive, and the role of the hunter to kill all 4 players, not giving them a chance to escape.

Survive in the midst of real horror
Demonstrate your strategic and intellectual abilities, playing as a team of Survivors, collaborate with each other friend and outsmart your opponent together, or play like a lone wolf to increase your chances of winning.

You are waiting for several unique characters with unique abilities and characteristics, as well as the opportunity to develop your character and use the fine-tuning of his parameters. Dead by Daylight has a multiplayer mode, high-quality and detailed graphics, convenient controls and dynamic gameplay that will not leave you indifferent! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Additional Info

package name:


File author: Opera fan
Total raiting: 34056

How to install (update) Dead by Daylight [Встроенный кэш]

    This apk contains a built-in cache. Just install the apk file, and the cache will decompress automatically. Please note that such an installation lasts longer than usual and requires more free internal memory and some free RAM. After the first unpacking, enable "Installation from unknown sources", this is necessary for the correct installation of the game. During the first unpacking, the installer may give an error due to lack of RAM. In this case, run the installation again. If you have never installed apk files before, then read ext. instructions.
  1. Download APK.
  2. Run the installation using the built-in file manager (usually downloaded files are placed in the "Download" folder). To do this, just tap on the apk file once and click "Install" Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources (done once). Additionally read the topic Types of signatures and why they are needed
  3. If you are updating and you downloaded the previous version of the application from us, then we put it on top of the old version, otherwise operability (data storage) is not guaranteed.
  4. Done.
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