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Ava Airborne

Ava Airborne

Interesting and unusual casual arcade

Version: 306
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Ava Airborne
Ava Airborne
Ava Airborne
Ava Airborne
Ava Airborne
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Ava Airborne is a great arcade game for android devices where you can conquer the sky with a wide variety of inventions.

Here you have an interesting journey filled with extreme and freedom that can help you relax and have a great time alone with the game. Meet Ava, the little heroine of this game will be your friend, and you will be her assistant. Ava's dream & ndash; it will learn to fly, and you will be able to fulfill its big dream with it. Choose the most suitable aircraft, fortunately there are not enough of them here. Incredible jet boots, cardboard wings, an umbrella, a rocket saxophone or the most common hang-glider are waiting for you. Download for free on android Ava Airborne and conquer the skies in the most unusual way thanks to incredible inventions, rise with Ava as high as possible and try not to touch the earth, and the more you fly, the more significant your reward!

Pump your own level and reach the “As” rate, but remember you won't have to easily! On your way there will be flying balloons capable of shooting down paths, soaring bombs and a lot of bonuses that will help you avoid them: jumps and catapults, use them in order not to lose wings! Customize your heroine, collect talismans and satellite birds, which will help you to get valuable bonuses. Challenge gravity and help Euwe learn to fly! Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

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File author: Alien Shooter

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